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The Importance of Knowing Your Priorities

Here is what happens when you don’t know your priorities:

  • Run in a bunch of directions but don’t get anything of significance done
  • Waste time on tasks that don’t drive revenue
  • Get sucked into the social media vortex
  • Use precious energy tending to other people’s problems
  • Say yes to stuff that is not a direct benefit to your business or your goals

Here is what happens when you know your priorities, and you act in alignment with them:

  • Run in a few, carefully selected directions, which means you make more progress on what matters
  • Use your time on projects that drive revenue
  • Stay out of useless social media, and when you are on social media, you use that time wisely and strategically
  • Let other people solve their own problems
  • Say no to stuff that isn’t a direct benefit to your business
  • Feel free to work on what matters, because now you have the time, space, and energy

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