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Level the Playing Field

Today’s guest is Germeen Guillaume (GEE-YOME), Founder of Visionary Accounting Group. 

Germeen founded Visionary Accounting Group in 2015 and has been helping nonprofits leverage technology as a means to gain deeper financial insight and real time data.

To date, Germeen has led the Company in recouping over $2.8M in receivables, through workflow automation and accounting system conversions.

I wanted to have Germeen on to better understand the experience that people of color have when it comes to being an accountant and business owner, so that you can be on the lookout for opportunities to level the playing field.

What stood out to me long before I recorded this episode is just how much leadership in the accounting space is predominantly white and mostly male. 

And as a woman, frankly, I’m not down with that. 

What this conversation helped me see is how pervasive and systemic biases and prejudices are in accounting, banking, and funding , and how much work there is to be done. It’s shifted how I view my role as someone who values a level playing field. 

Rather than a call to action that supports my business, which is what I would usually put here, instead I pass along Germeen’s request:

  1. Speak up when you see bias, prejudice, or racism in play
  2. Take the time to educate yourself about challenges that people of color uniquely face
  3. And if you’re in the VC space, consider who you’re funding
  4. Start with your inner circle – the people with whom you have contact on the regular.


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