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How to Keep the Scope Creeps at Bay

Today’s guest is Jenn Barleya co-founder of KickStart Your Edge LLC, a revolutionary, straight forward, disruptive organization focused on building Play To Win Cultures for bold consumer brands, such as Coty, Philosophy, The University of Texas- Austin, BMW, Facebook, and more.
KickStart Your Edge uses an innovative, sustainable framework, focusing on three key Play to Win Strategies:

  • Developing a Play to Win Internal Coaching Culture
  • Creating Play to Win Brand Relevance Turnaround
  • Producing Play to Win Leadership

All are designed for inspiring innovative business thinking to create stickability.
I wanted to talk with Jenn to tap her expertise about boundaries. So many of the challenges business owners face come back to clear and strong boundaries. Things like scope creep, meetings going long, staying late at the office, giving away your workout, choosing to not sleep as much as your body needs, to giving away services at a discount or even free. 
It all comes back to clear and strong boundaries. 
It’s been a long time that I have known that boundaries are an issue that I wanted to talk about on this show, because they crop up everywhere in my client’s businesses. 
What I didn’t know was JUST HOW MUCH work I see myself still getting to do in this area. 
And what I loved most is that Jenn showed and reminded me that in fact IT IS SAFE to step into my best self, and not the purple scary monster I have it set up to be. 
Of course, the questions underlying these challenges will no doubt prove to be incredibly valuable as I continue to coach my own clients in these areas.

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