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From Zero to 7 Figures with Kate Ahl, CEO of Simple Pin Media

Today’s guest is Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media. Simple Pin Media makes Pinterest Marketing easy to understand and implement without feeling overwhelmed. In today’s episode I talk to Kate about her journey from food stamps to running a 7-figure business that supports a team of 40 women and clients around the world.

I love hearing successful women stories of being an entrepreneur. I especially admired the moments that Kate decided to go all in. 

There’s so much power in deciding to do something, in saying “This is what I’m committed to trying and making happen.” Because once you decide, the rest has a way of figuring itself out.

So ladies, what have you decided to create in your business? And how committed are you?

What I want from you is to decide and to be committed. Because with those two things, you will make happen whatever you want.

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As business owners, it’s not always possible for you to see the picture when you’re in the frame. It can be easy to see that it’s possible for your business to grow. But hard to see exactly how, especially when you’re caught in the day-to-day.

The 3 biggest challenges I see my own clients struggling with are:

1. How to fill your calendar with the right clients
2. Clarifying your goals and laying out the steps to reach these goals
3. Creating clear and strong business boundaries

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