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From Solo to A Team of 6 in 5 Years, with Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting

Today’s guest is Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting

Danielle left her corporate job in 2014 to help small business owners with their numbers and finances. Five years later she runs an accounting practice with six people on staff serving more than 275 clients all around the country. 

In interviewing Danielle, I wanted to showcase what’s possible to create in five short years, especially when you’re willing to lift yourself up and out of the task-doing in your practice and build a team of people who you trained well and who have solid systems for delivering a consistent and high-quality client experience. 

What I see happening in so many entrepreneurs businesses is lax payment policies. It’s one thing to be flexible but it’s a different thing to be lax. And it costs business owners and accountants a lot of money to not have firm and clear policies in place.

Danielle also said that clients say to her that her staff are “just really nice.” I hear from a lot of regular business owners that they feel intimidated by their CPA, and they don’t want to ask questions. If you’re known as nice, and approachable, and someone who answers all your clients’ questions on a reasonably quick turnaround time, your clients are more successful, because of it.

It will also differentiate you in the marketplace, which will increase referrals in your favor.


Download Danielle’s Profit Planner at Enter the code SHETHINKSBIG to get 15% off. 


Danielle’s Big Goal:

“I want to continue to serve as many entrepreneurs as possible… My big, hairy, audacious goal is to serve one million business owners. And that is through helping them with bookkeeping, and helping them get the profit planner in their hands. And so we want to just continue to help businesses succeed.”

Danielle’s Big Ask:

“If you could think of one business owner in your in your circle, or that you’ve come into contact with that you know who needs help, whether that be they’re in accounting overwhelm, and they need someone to help them with their bookkeeping, or if they’re overwhelmed because they cannot figure out how to create a profit in their business. I would love an introduction to that one business owner who’s struggling.”

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