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CPAs Land Better Clients Using This Strategy


In this episode, you get a different way of thinking about the proposal and it’s called a choice of yeses. 

A yes or no choice pits you and your buyer against each other. But when you give your prospect options, you change the very nature of the conversation:

  • You set your clients up to answer an entirely different question: What’s the best way for me to work with this person? Now they’re viewing your relationship as a partnership, a collaboration whereby you are offering them options to best help them solve their problems.
  • Your conversion rate goes up. The value you provide goes up and your margins go up. 

If you’re a traditional accountant, prospects often come to you for transactional services. It’s what they think they need. But when you take the time to listen more deeply to your prospect’s challenges, you might hear that there are other pain points you may be able to help them with and new ways that you can add significant value.

Here are six guidelines for you to follow when creating your proposals: 

  1. Start with your bread and butter service. 
  2. Spread out other ways you can solve numbers and money based problems for your clients. 
  3. Keep a healthy spread between your prices. 
  4. If your buyer wants vCFO, but can only afford controller: If they want the price reduced, they need to take out value. 
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t make this rocket science and definitely don’t make it accounting-y. 
  6. Make clear the value to your client because ultimately that is what matters in the buying decision. 

When you offer a choice of yeses, it makes the conversation about the prospect and them getting their problem solved. 

By providing value that your clients seek, that is how you can start working less and making more.


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