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[Coaching] Making the Money and the Time Add Up with Physical Therapist  Kate Baker

Today’s guest is Kate Baker, a Physical Therapist from East Missoula, Montana. 

Kate has been a PT for 5 years. After having her 1st child, she decided to go from working in a clinic to stepping out on her own as a solo practitioner. Being in business is new to her, and just like most new business owners, she’s figuring it out as she goes along. 

In this coaching call, Kate and I talk about making the money and the time add up so that she has time to parent her 7-month old boy. We talk about the best use of her time, should she outsource her bookkeeping, what to do about her website, and should she outsource that, and what are the best avenues to build an ongoing client base.

Kate has everything she needs in order to build a successful practice. It’s just a matter of focusing her time on what drives revenue, and not getting bogged down in the work that she’s not great at, doesn’t love, and frankly, would prefer not to do anyways.

Thinking of hiring a bookkeeper? Get the free PDF download in episode 009 – Shame, Money Mindset, and Your Profit and Loss, which contains 17 interview questions to ask a bookkeeper.

If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, chances are good it’s because the time and the math don’t add up. And the glue that holds it all together is YOU. And it comes at the expense of your own self-care, and your own physical and emotional wellness. 

If you’re overwhelmed or overworked, if something isn’t working, start putting pencil to paper and bust out your calculator and see if what you’re trying to create actually adds up.

A note on outsourcing: When you do everything in your business, you cap your income. It’s that simple. There’s only so much you can get done as one person inside a week. If you want to grow your income, you need to free up your time. And you do this by paying other people to do work they’re skilled at, and that you’re not so skilled at. 

Ladies, what were your key takeaways? I’d love to hear from you. Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.

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