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CEO Day: Why You Need to Pick Your Head Up in Your Business

It’s July, and six months of the year have now gone by. 

At the beginning of the year, back in January, you were so excited, and you were all on fire after the winter break. “I’m gonna rock 2019!”

So I want to know, are you rocking it? And if you’re not rocking it, where are you off course? Have you yet planned to take a day or a half day out of your business to take stock of the progress that you’ve made and where you need to go for the rest of the year? 

You know it’s important to take time off to look at your business. What I hope to do in today’s episode is to convince you, through a story, of the importance of periodically stopping and picking your head up to take stock of where you are and compare that to where you want to be going.

Listen to my story of when I had this crazy idea in 2002 of doing an Ironman, which is a 2 1/2 mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a marathon.

So what does my Ironman story have to do with you and your business?

There comes a time when you get uncomfortable in your business and you do things that have you drift off course. And you’re drifting and drifting, and your head is down in the water. And you tell yourself a story that you don’t have time to pick your head up. But you DO need to pick your head up every now and then. 

And halfway through the year is the perfect time to pick your head up. Because now you have 6 months of metrics, KPIs, of solid financial data. 

And if you haven’t been keeping track of your metrics or your financials, call me. Because it’s time for you to pick your head up in your business and look around. 

Because if you don’t, what it’s going to cost you is TIME and MONEY. Keeping your head down in your business could be costing you in countless ways. And it could be costing you right now. 

Let me be the one to tell you to pick your head up. We need you to see where you’re going in your business. 

What do you need to do? Open up your calendar and find half a day or a day where you can stop and step out of your business. And look at what’s going on. Schedule that time for yourself. Now could be the time that you’re off course and come December you don’t want to look back at July and be like, “Ugh, if only I picked my head up then, because it would have made a difference.”

If stepping out of your business is hard for you and you want help with it, I would love to help you. One of the things I’m good at is hovering above your business and seeing what’s working in it, and what is not working in it, that needs tweaking. 

Know that I would love to work with you to get your business back on course. 

Now click on the Work with Me tab on this website to see what’s available to you.

Ladies, I’d love to hear from you. When are you scheduling time to step away from your business? Share in in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.


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