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How Applying Behavioral Economics Can Benefit Your Business, with Melina Palmer of Brainy Business Podcast

Todays’ guest is Melina Palmer. Melina helps companies of all sizes to incorporate Behavioral Economics into their businesses to make them more brain-friendly, and increase conversions and ROI.

Melina hosts the Brainy Business Podcast where she serves up brain-friendly concepts every week. 

In this episode, we talk not just about Behavioral Economics, but how to apply these important concepts in your business.

You will rethink how you package your offerings, and how you talk about your prices that makes people more likely to buy from you, and buy more of the things you know they need from you.

You’ll also consider shifting all the crap that you say to yourself because we will talk about how your brain goes and creates what it believes to be true.

I could talk all day to Melina about all this stuff, especially how to use scientific research and apply it to make subtle shifts in our businesses and the way that we do things that can have an outsize impact. 

My own takeaway is to make sure that my own clients are using anchoring and framing correctly in their own businesses.

Ladies, what were your key takeaways? Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group. I’d love to hear from you.


Melina’s Big Ask: 

Melina is looking to connect with someone from high levels in HR and Marketing inside large organizations like Target and Costco for speaking engagements and corporate trainings, for their teams to understand Behavioral Economics.

Melina’s Vision:

For her name and Brainy Business to be synonymous with Behavioral Economics across the globe, to be the Suze Orman of Behavioral Economics.

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