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Are You Wiping Out Often Enough?


Today, I have a few stories to tell. About driving in the snow, hockey, ice skating, skiing, and sports in general. Then I relate all these stories to things that we can do to move our business forward:

  • Steer towards what you fear
  • Commit
  • Trust
  • You will wipe out in your business
  • Get back up and get back in the game

When was the last time you totally wiped out in your business? Wiping out is a part of the process of learning and the more beginner we are at the thing we’re doing, the more we’re going to wipe out. And as we get better, we wipe out with less frequency. 

Even experts wipe out, screw up, miss, and they’re okay. They keep playing. There is no such thing as perfect. Nobody plays a perfect game. So when you wipe out, get back up and get back in the game.


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