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Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck

Today’s guest is Hugh Duffy, CEO and Co-Founder of Build Your Firm (BYF), Inc.

Hugh is the leading marketing coach for accountants and takes pride in the impact that it has on their practice, and lives. With more than thirty years of marketing experience, Hugh has been teaching accountants how to improve their marketing so they can make more money in their accounting practice.  

I wanted to have Hugh on so that you can better understand the role marketing can and should be playing in your business, so that:

  • you can get better leads for your business, and get the most from your marketing dollars. 
  • your marketing time, dollars, and energy bring the right number of high quality leads into your business.

What stood out to me in this episode was just how much Hugh is on the same page about choosing a vertical or niche to become an expert in – and the impact it has to quality leads being able to find you, and you being able to command and defend much higher rates. 

If you want to know if your niche is niche-y enough, go back and listen to episode #91. 

Figuring out your niche so that you can make your marketing more effective and command higher rates is one of the hardest parts of shifting your business from traditional accounting to highly paid advisor. 

It’s a process I move almost every single one of my clients through – even the ones who thought they were sufficiently niched. 

If you know your business’s growth is being held back because you can’t figure out your niche, I CAN HELP YOU find it.

Put 15 minutes on my calendar – just go to and click on the big fat red Schedule Time with Me button.


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